Making an Impact with the Third Debate


The third presidential debate is on October 19th.  That means there’s just under one week until another showcase of our two main options in this election.  Reactions I’ve seen to the first two debates fall into three main categories:

  1. I liked candidate X before the debate and the debate provided more evidence.
  2. I think candidate Y is going to be the downfall of our country and the debate provided more evidence.
  3. I don’t like either of these candidates and the debate provided more evidence.

Whichever category you might find yourself in, one thing remains clear: It’s unlikely that watching a third debate would cause a shift in how you are planning to vote.  We all support candidates for different reasons; however, it’s usually linked to certain issues that we care about.  People have donated millions of dollars to campaigns to try to support their views on certain issues.  What if your actions during the next debate could have a significant impact on the issues you care about?

What if we skipped the next debate?  We skipped spending an hour and a half watching the same issues get rehashed using the same talking points.  We skipped skimming for the next hot take for Facebook fodder.    We skipped it for something that might matter.

Here’s my challenge: Spend the hour and a half that would have been used watching the debate to do something that directly impacts the issues you care about.  84 million people watched the first debate and 69 million tuned in for the second.  Imagine what would happen if that many people got directly involved with a cause they care about, even for an hour and a half.  Make care packages to give to homeless, spend intentional time with your kids, or go to a small business you want to support.  Use your hour and a half on October 19th to do something more.  Find some way to directly impact what you care about instead of listening to two people promise to at some point in the future.

Share your ideas about how you plan to make an impact below.