Is My Teen Depressed? How to Know When Help is Needed.1st Nov 2017

For many parents, seeing a teenage child act sad, depressed, or sluggish is a pretty common occurrence.  However, it can be difficult to identify when behavior goes beyond simple sadness and into the realm of clinical depression. Depression is on the rise for 12-20 year olds.  A recent study found that adolescents

5 Strategies for Parenting High Achieving Students24th Oct 2017

Achieving at a high level is not easy.  No matter the field, be it business, sports, performance, or academics, achievement usually requires some level of sacrifice.  For example, acceptance into competitive colleges requires not just the right grades, but also a robust mix of extracurricular activities, volunteer

Sharks and Anxiety – Where We Fight Matters21st Aug 2017

You’re going to fight a shark.  I pick the shark; you get to pick the location of the fight. Strangely enough, this is a statement I often make to clients that are facing anxiety.  After the initial shock of such a strange prompt, I hear a wide range of responses: a children’s pool, in shallow […]

Video Game Addiction? When Hobby Crosses into Habit7th Aug 2017

One of the most common topics brought to me by parents of teen clients is that of video games.  Questions of “how much is too much?” or “when is this a serious problem?” are some of the most frequent. Video games are big business.  According to a report from SuperData Research, games generated $91 billion […]

When It’s Not Just Worry – 5 Indicators of Clinical Anxiety2nd Mar 2017

Worry is a normal part of the human daily experience.  Did I remember to lock the front door when I left this morning?  I hope my presentation goes well tomorrow.  What if people make fun of my new haircut? Sometimes, worry can go beyond these everyday experiences and become a disruptive force in our lives. […]

Tethered to Technology13th Sep 2016

  Earlier this summer, I had the chance to go with my family on a weekend trip.  Everything started normally enough: I carried bags into the place we were staying, checked out the space, and found instructions for connecting to Wi-Fi.   When my first three attempts to connect failed, fear began to creep in.